About Our Studio

Arizona’s first Bar Method studio is located in the Arcadia neighborhood of Phoenix at 4730 East Indian School Road, Suite 207A. It is the first studio for owner Elissa Scannell.

Elissa started her journey with The Bar Method as a client of the Washington, DC studio in 2013. She was initially simply seeking a way to get back in shape after years of sitting in front of a computer for long days, but what she found was much more than a workout. After only a couple classes, she was drawn in by the incredible community and hooked on the results. Elissa took her passion for The Bar Method a step further when she began teaching at the DC studio in 2014. When Elissa decided it was time to leave the east coast and rejoin her family in Arizona, she knew she had to bring The Bar Method with her.

The Bar Method merges the principles of isometrics, interval training, dance conditioning, and physical therapy. It was designed under the guidance of physical therapists to burn fat, reshape muscles, improve posture, and build confidence.

The Bar Method instructors receive extensive training in healthy patterns of movement and are able to assist with modifications to accommodate all types of client needs including variations for pregnant women. Clients receive personalized instruction and hands-on adjustment to ensure safety and create strong, flexible, aligned bodies.

“We consider ourselves a family. A family that likes to work out…a lot!”
~ The Bar Method Staff